Bulk-queueing photo posts on Tumblr

Let’s suppose you have a folder full of images and you want to queue
each image as a unique post
in Tumblr. You spend a few minutes manually
uploading each one as a queued post in your browser before exclaiming,
“Argh! This is terrible! There must be a better way…”

Several minutes of googling later you proclaim, “Argh! I can’t believe no one has made a tool to do this!”. Time to pour yourself a drink and break out some python.

  1. Install python-tumblpy
  2. Register an app for yourself on Tumblr – you’ll need this to get a valid oauth token for uploading
  3. Download and run this script

It will authorize your app and generate an oauth token. Pass it a list of images on the command line and each one will be uploaded and queued as a unique post. Each image that is successfully uploaded has “_done” added to its filename.


$7 USB Cloudwatch Notifier

Cloudwatch rocks and we have a ton of alarms to let us know when something breaks (or is about to break!). The only downside is that you can start getting a lot of emails or text messages and if you try not to chronically check your email, you might miss something.

If only there was some way to know something was broken without having to check your mail… luckily there is! For $7 you’ll never have to wonder about the state of your cloudwatch alarms again.

Step 1: Buy this USB mail notifier ($7)

Step 2: Grab this zip file to control the device. It contains compiled version of usbnotifierosx_cli for controlling the device and a very simple PHP script for checking if you have any active cloudwatch alarms.

Step 3: Run the script via crontab every minute. Light is green? No alarms… Red? Alarm!

You can now get back to work and never worry about missing a cloudwatch alarm again.

Thanks to Eric Betts for creating usbnotifier_cli!