Bulk-queueing photo posts on Tumblr

Let’s suppose you have a folder full of images and you want to queue
each image as a unique post
in Tumblr. You spend a few minutes manually
uploading each one as a queued post in your browser before exclaiming,
“Argh! This is terrible! There must be a better way…”

Several minutes of googling later you proclaim, “Argh! I can’t believe no one has made a tool to do this!”. Time to pour yourself a drink and break out some python.

  1. Install python-tumblpy
  2. Register an app for yourself on Tumblr – you’ll need this to get a valid oauth token for uploading
  3. Download and run this script

It will authorize your app and generate an oauth token. Pass it a list of images on the command line and each one will be uploaded and queued as a unique post. Each image that is successfully uploaded has “_done” added to its filename.


2 thoughts on “Bulk-queueing photo posts on Tumblr

  1. Hi there, I’ve been a long time user of Tumblr and I’ve been desperately searching for a mass uploader. Can you explain how to install this from Github?

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